What can you do at home to stay well?

A lot of us are likely working from home due to the enhanced community quarantine imposed by the Philippine government to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a pandemic like COVID-19, our wellness is very important. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and sleeping well should still be observed. These are crucial in preserving […]

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Health Tips to prevent viruses

Viruses can be transmitted through close contact and several situations such as: living or working with people, sharing items, and giving care to another person. When a family member has a virus, this can cause distress. Thankfully, there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid bringing these illnesses into your home. Here are […]

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Advantages of a clean workstation

A safe and clean working environment increases efficiency and morale, so keeping on top of the office mess should be a priority. When your workstation and desk is dirty and messy, it provides the perfect host for bacteria to flourish, it is essential to maintain a strict cleaning schedule to ensure you remain positive and […]

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Hand Washing techniques

Hand washing has a lot of benefits. It supports the statement prevention is better than cure. It is better to stop something bad from happening than it is to deal with it after it has happened. Contaminated hands may spread a series of infectious diseases from one person to another. Washing your hands with soap […]

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