Tips for regular bowel movement

Digestion may be a complete mystery for most of us. Our bodies appear to be doing just what they do, sometimes without any explanation. Regular bowel movement is important for good health. An individual needs to poop to survive because otherwise the body has no way to excrete those wastes. If a person has not […]

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Flattening the curve with the help of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has paved the way on flattening the curve during this pandemic but did you know that know that telemedicine first began as a form of healthcare delivery in the late 1960s? For this moment in time, Telehealth, the virtual care platforms that allow health care professionals and patients to meet by telephone or video […]

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Staying healthy this ber months!

September is the start of the “ber” months which means Christmas is approaching, at least in the Philippines. Christmas is a time for presents, eating, drinking and being merry. As we are officially nearing the Christmas season, Christmas comes the never-ending struggle of each of us – how do we stay healthy during this holiday […]

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Face Mask vs Face Shield

Which is better – face mask or face shield? Face mask and face shield are both protective equipment that we use to prevent on getting the Coronavirus. Face Mask is used to fully cover the nose and mouth and prevent fluid penetration. Masks should fit snuggly over the nose and mouth. For this reason, masks […]

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Hand exercises for tired hand

Our hands are made up of diverse networks of blood vessels, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and nerves. The nerves are perhaps the most important of all, because our nerves allow us to use our hands to feel, touch and most importantly, trigger movement so we can go on with our activities of daily living. Today, […]

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A partnership by Essensa and Medgate

Furthering its dedication to provide accessible health care to millions of Filipinos, Medgate Philippines Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Essensa Naturale Inc., a family owned corporation whose primary business covers the sales and distribution of health and wellness, cosmetic, household and agricultural products under multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. Essensa […]

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