COVID-19: The upside of vaccine to eradicate the disease

Vaccines are products that work with our body’s natural defenses to produce immunity against a specific disease. After vaccination, the immune system learns and remembers how to fight that bacteria or virus, thereby reducing a person’s risk from acquiring the disease. Vaccines against whooping cough (1914), diphtheria (1926), tetanus (1938), influenza (1945), and mumps were […]

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How to take care of our eyes and avoid bad eye habits

Having good vision or eyesight is an important thing that is sometimes overlooked by others. Some of the eye problems can be hereditary or inherited but we also have habitual activities that can cause infections or serious eye problems. The best thing to do is find out the effects of these habits and be sure […]

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What effect does your sleep have on your health

Sleep is a vital activity that the body requires in order to function properly. This is a condition in which the functioning of certain body systems slows or stops, with only a few of the most important systems remaining operational, such as breathing and blood flow. The advantages of adequate sleep affect various aspects of […]

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Dengue Prevention tips during this rainy season

Everyone can contract a variety of ailments during the rainy season, including colds, coughs, and fevers. Dengue fever is one of the most serious infections during the rainy season. Since 1998 June has been designated as Dengue Awareness Month(Proclamation No. 1204) to emphasize the need of collaboration between national and local government agencies, as well […]

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Prostate 101: When Should I See a Doctor?

Many individuals are unaware of what the prostate is, its function, and when to seek medical attention if they suspect they have a problem. As a result, information is the most powerful weapon you have in dealing with this aspect of men’s health. What is Prostate? The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland at the bottom […]

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