Protocols for entering your home

COVID-19 is spreading in different communities all across the globe. WHO and DOH urges everyone to stay home and practice social distancing. As a family, you can plan and make decisions now that will protect you and your family during a COVID-19 outbreak. When you need to go out for important items like shopping for food or medical treatment, keep at least 2 meters away from a person. Do your part to avoid the spread by taking routine precautions including: constantly washing your hands, covering your coughs and sneezes, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Here are steps and protocols that you can do whenever someone leaves the house for necessities:

1. Before leaving the house, make sure to have a face mask on to avoid any droplets that has the COVID-19 virus and wear gloves for extra protection.

2. When you leave the house, practice social distancing

3. When you’re in public places, be responsible whenever you sneeze or cough.Cover your mouth and nose to avoid particles being spilled.

Before entering your home:

1. Before entering your home, ask your family members to open the gates and doors to avoid touching other surfaces.

2. Take off your shoes.

3. Go directly to the bathroom and take a bath

4. Make sure to change your clothes and separate it from your laundry

5. Dispose your face mask properly and wash your hands with alcohol after

6. Disinfect the items you brought outside including your personal items and private car.

Let us all be vigilant and be updated on the news about this Pandemic.