World TB Day

Every year, we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day. This annual event commemorates the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacillus that causes tuberculosis (TB), by Dr. Robert Koch in 1882.

World TB Day is a day dedicated to raising public awareness about the global effects of tuberculosis. TB is still one of the most lethal infectious diseases on the planet. Every day, nearly 4,000 people die from tuberculosis (TB), and nearly 28,000 people become ill with this preventable and curable disease. Since the year 2000, global efforts to eradicate tuberculosis have saved an estimated 63 million lives.

The theme for World Tuberculosis Day 2021 is “The Clock is Ticking”, which conveys the feeling that the world is running out of time to solve the issue.

What is Tuberculosis?Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs that can spread in your brain and spine. A bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes TB. There are a variety of TB strains, and some have become resistant to medication.

TB bacteria are transmitted through infected droplets in the air. A person who has TB can transmit the bacteria through:

● Sneezing

● Coughing

● Speaking

TB, however, is curable and preventable. There are not any signs and symptoms for latent TB. You will need to get a skin or blood test to find out whether you have it.

There are usually signs if you have active TB disease which may include:

● A cough that lasts more than 3 weeks

● Chest pain

● Coughing up blood

● Feeling restless

● Night sweats

● Chills

● Fever

● Loss of appetite

● Weight loss

The clock is ticking. Do not hesitate to consult with Medgate specialist doctors if you are feeling these symptoms. It is time to mobilize and #EndTB!