Easy ways to keep your skin healthy

The skin serves as a natural barrier to protect our entire body from the harsh environment and any dangerous substances. It also helps regulate body temperature by preventing dry and depleting water inside the body. Touch, pain, and pressure are all sensations that the skin helps perceive and respond to. Vitamin D is produced in […]

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Autism Care Guide

Autism, also called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a complex developmental condition that involves communication and behavioral issues. This can include a wide spectrum of symptoms as well as disabilities. It is a lifelong disorder wherein the degree of functional impairment may range from mild to severe needing full time care. ASD is a diagnostic […]

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National Deworming Month

What, Why, Where, How: Deworming by Andrea PeƱaflorida, M.D The Department of Health holds January and July of every year as the National Deworming Month. This drive aims to move towards eliminating intestinal parasitism most specially in children. Currently, the government already offers free deworming services in government and barangay centers. It’s a good idea […]

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