Healthcare For All

Article by Corporate Vision

Healthcare has to be accessible to everyone, and innovative solutions are key to this. The team behind Medgate Philippines have leveraged telemedicine to offer a different approach to the people of the Philippines. Recognised by Corporate Vision for the second time, Medgate Philippines is bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Southeast Asian Telemedicine Company – 2022.

Since being established in 1998, Medgate has handled over 12 million consultations globally, opening up branches in
Switzerland, Germany and the Philippines. Medgate is a founding member of the International Society for Telemedicine and E-health, where Medgate’s CEO Dr Andy Fisher is the current President. This incredible pedigree has positioned Medgate as a constantly growing organisation, that is always setting new and higher standards for the delivery of teleconsultations. Their branch in the Philippines is a relatively new addition, only opening in 2016 ,but has quickly become an invaluable part of the region’s healthcare system. With more than 1.5 million Filipinos who are members of Medgate’s partners in the banking, health, and insurance industries, its impact cannot be overstated. It has opened a new avenue of healthcare to many Filipinos who might not otherwise have access to high quality medical care.
Telemedicine has become more common, post-pandemic, but remains secondary choice for many. The Medgate Philippines team know the power of this impressive technology as a quick and efficient way of interacting with patients, and they also know that it is still evolving. Even before the pandemic, the team was able to offer medical consultation over the phone for non-life threatening, non-emergency health concerns. Multiple touchpoints from
landlines to mobile phones, websites to social media, and an app in the works for mobile, means no one is left behind.

One of the benefits of using Medgate Philippines is that it is proven to be able to manage high-volume teleconsultations to a large member base. Instead of relying solely on individual doctors, the medical experts who work for this impressive company can draw on the experience and knowledge of colleagues globally that has grown over the years. These are doctors who can confidently diagnose and treat patients.

The advent of 5G broadband has opened the door to immersive high-resolution video, whilst wearable technology allows medical professionals to capture body temperature, blood pressure, and even blood sugar which will aid doctors to provide a more accurate medical diagnosis.

Despite only opening its doors in the Philippines six years ago, the team has managed to establish itself as a market
leader incredibly quickly. To keep up with continued demand, Medgate has grown its employee base and has focused on supporting medical consultants who want to practice the art of teleconsultations. The result is a strong unity of purpose which continues to provide care and comfort to Filipinos.

The pandemic has changed many things, but for the Medgate team, it’s clear that telemedicine has become a primary
healthcare source as opposed to an enforced alternative. As COVID-19 has ripped through medical facilities of all sorts, the chance to consult with a healthcare professional without the risk of exposure to the virus, as well as avoiding the journey and queuing involved with any hospital visit, is incredibly appealing. As the new normal continues to establish itself, the team at Medgate Philippines are sure this trend will continue to take hold.

The accessibility of telemedicine has increased dramatically since Medgate first began operating. As better infrastructure and connectivity have become commonplace, the team have found it easier than ever to reach their patients. Before the pandemic, the team had set plans of expanding into key ASEAN markets, and as business travel resumes, these plans will be set into motion.

The future for telemedicine looks bright indeed, with new options opening up by the day. The popularity of this impressive resource is one which cannot, and must not, be overlooked moving forward. Not only does Medgate Philippines offer access to quality medical care, but it also offloads hospitals and other health infrastructures of non-urgent, non-emergency cases so that they can focus on patients that need physical care. We can’t wait to see what they do next!