Medgate Philippines Joins ASPLI’s 17th Annual Summit

The Association of Service Professionals in Life Insurance (ASPLI) held its 17th annual summit in Iloilo last 08 September 2016. Focusing on their theme: “Customer Service Simple and Personal in the Digital Age”, Mr. Robert Parker, CEO of Medgate Philippines discussed how in an age where more and more transactions are made online or thru digital channels like social media and mobile phones, friendly and satisfactory customer service still remain the number one requirement in the service industry to leave a mark in the hearts of customers.A friendly tone and being able to quickly solve their problem or concern are given top marks by clients. Fast delivery of service is also very important, otherwise customers would consider alternatives.How does Medgate achieve all this? Investment in a strong platform for the delivery of tele-medical services, and professional training for its Tele-Medical Assistants, Customer Service Representatives and Medical Doctors.

Lastly, the willingness to listen to both good and bad feedback, and be flexible to changing customer demands allow Medgate Philippines to provides its member with the best possible service each day, 24/7.If you are interested in an exciting career for a company that’s revolutionizing the medical industry, feel free to send us an email at