Innovative quality healthcare: Intellicare and Medgate Philippines partnership

Business World

Vol XXX Issue 151

Section 4 Page 3

As a new age of swift communication and modern technology continues to unfold, Intellicare keeps abreast with today’s pulse with its commitment to lead, innovate, and trailblaze a holistic approach to healthcare management. It utilizes modern developments to deliver quality service at the touch of one’s fingertips, thus, the partnership with Europe’s telemedicine provider, Medgate.

Medgate is the leading international provider of telemedicine, with 18 years of experience and operations in Switzerland, Middle East, Australia, and now, the Philippines.

Intellicare members may now access their 24-hour telemedicine center at no additional cost. Medgate offers high quality, convenient, and confidential medical consultations over the phone for non-emergency cases. Medgate’s pool of doctors are composed of specialists in most fields of medicine with extensive knowledge of the local healthcare system. They actively manage the patient’s consultation making sure prompt and the appropriate diagnosis and treatment are rendered. They may now experience the same quality healthcare management provided by a qualified doctor without the inconvenience of travelling for hours to go to a clinic or hospital and waiting in line to physically consult with a physician.

Intellicare members may avail of this service by simply calling Medgate through their hotline or downloading Medgate’s free mobile app. A trained nurse will verify the identity of the patient upon call and will be endorsed to Medgate’s line up of qualified and experienced physicians.

In order to complement the patient’s total telemedicine experience, Medgate also partnered with an outpatient pharmacy with delivery service capabilities. Medgate sends them the patient’s prescription, they then call the patient to explain the delivery service, including but not limited to the following: delivery time, minimum order, delivery charges, payment options, and delivery address.

The welfare of Intellicare members is important and the company trusts that this alternative method of medical consultation offers the accessibility of immediate medical assessment.

With this partnership, Intellicare and Medgate did not just bring a bright innovation on the table but this brought about a true complementary support to PhilHealth’s advocacy to provide accessible healthcare to the Filipinos.