How to eat after the Holidays

It’s that time of the year when we feast on mouth-watering meals. Christmas parties, birthdays and year-end celebrations are but a few reasons to eat. We are supposed to be enjoying each and every bite however, you are thinking about the holiday pounds you’ll potentially gain. Worry no more!Allow yourself to indulge and satisfy your cravings without putting on that extra weight. Here are some tips to cleanse and rid your body of unwanted elements , especially after the holiday feasts.

1. Savor it

Food restriction, in some instances, can back fire and may lead to overeating. According to Mayo Clinic , “The more you enjoy the food you eat, the greater the likelihood that you’ll be satisfied with less.”

2. Focus on portions

Avoiding your mother’s signature dish will be hard to do especially if it’s sinigang or adobo or caldereta. Instead of going through an agonizing ordeal, just keep in mind the amount of food you’re munching. Small frequent meals are often far better than full size or considerably huge portions in one go. Eat what you like but take small portions. That’s the key.

3. Keep it simple

Set realistic goals. Include exercise at least once or twice a week in your busy calendar. Easy, right? . If you have the means, go to the gym or better yet, create your own routine at home. Lessening, if not totally eliminating sweet products or your favorite soda, would be helpful as well.

4. Incorporate movement

Instead of just surfing the web, why not play that video and make some cool moves to get you going. Or how about a 30-minute walk in the park with your pet. These could help you burn some calories. Who knows? You might just find a friend or two.

5. Reflect and repeat

Consistency is what you need. Stick to your goals and never let anything or anyone get in the way. A good way of monitoring your progress is documenting your activities and improvements. It will help you distinguish which activity best fits you so you’ll know which ones to do over and over again.

But before you do any modifications to your current physical activity and food intake, it’s still best to consult a specialist. Medgate has friendly Filipino doctors for any health concerns. They are available 24/7, so you can call them any time. What are you waiting for? Pick up that phone, call Medgate and enjoy your holiday food trip – minus the worry.