Country Bankers Insurance Group partners with Medgate

(From left) Eileen Enobal, Senior Assistant Vice President for Underwriting & Micro Insurance, Country Bankers Insurance Group;, Menchie Alcoran, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Country Bankers Insurance Group; Luisito Bautista, Vice President for Marketing, Country Bankers Insurance Group; Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Country Bankers Insurance Group; Stavros Athanasiou, President & Group Chief Financial Officer, Medgate Philippines; Juan Rabell Mendoza, Senior Assistant Vice President for Business Development, Country Bankers Insurance Group; Ronaldo Estrella, Country Manager, Medgate Philippines Ces Alinea, Vice President for Client Relations Management, Medgate Philippines.

Medgate, the leading telemedicine provider in the Philippines, announced today that it has partnered with Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG) to further expand its presence here in the country.

CBIG is composed of two companies – Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation(CBLIC) and Country Bankers Insurance Corporation(CBIC), which provides life and non life insurance plans, respectively. CBIG traces its roots from the prestigious group of Rural Bankers hailing from all regions of the Philippines, founded by the late Don Jose E. Desiderio, Sr., and Don Alfredo L. Montelibano Sr., both well – known rural bankers, almost 60 years ago.

CBIG concentrated its main thrust in the countryside, servicing small business entrepreneurs, industrialists, farmers, fishermen, and many others who seldom have the opportunity to avail of insurance coverage.

“Partnering with Country Bankers Insurance Group to deliver telemedicine transformation will allow us to provide accessible health care for everyone.” said Ronaldo Estrella, Medgate’s Country Manager. “Together, we can provide millions of Filipinos the best health care they can ask for.”

True to their catchphrase, “Kapag Sigurado, Hindi Kabado”, CBIG will bundle Medgate with their Classic Benefit, CB Kalinga and Alalay Sa Buhay (ASB) plans for life products and Personal Accident (PA) plan for non-life product, with options for limited or unlimited consultations.

On the other hand, Medgate offers high quality, convenient and confidential medical consultations over the phone. This means, that members have direct access to a qualified doctor for their daily health care needs, without visiting a clinic or a hospital. The Medgate Telemedicine Center, and the Medgate Partner Network integrate their work closely to guarantee comprehensive health care for the patient. All the doctors are licensed and certified to provide telemedicine consultations of the highest standard.

“We believe that the best way to reach and help more Filipinos is by partnering with a company who through the years, remained competitive with product innovations,” Estrella added.

Medgate offers 24 / 7 medical consultation over the phone and has call back option for patients who want to schedule their consultation. Medgate has 24 / 7 telephone lines with multiple contact points and follows International guidelines and protocols followed by their specialist doctors.

By offering their products and services, Medgate, together with CBIG, will provide a new experience for Filipinos. They strive to give Filipinos innovative medical consultation that will help their well – being.

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