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The biggest challenges that a Filipino families face are poverty and a lack of family planning. a lack of family planning and poverty. There are a lot of young adults who are trying to break free from their families’ long cycle of poverty. Filipinos are having a hard time surviving in such difficult conditions, and more and more are falling into extreme poverty. With this issue, Filipino parents can’t make enough money to support their families which in turn, children must be taken out of school to work in harsh conditions.

For hundreds of Filipino youth who are impoverished, abused, and trafficked, providing them with an education scholarship is not enough to give them a better life. HOUSE Foundation have made it their mission to educate, employ, and empower at-risk youth to give them a second start in life.

HELPING OURSELVES PROGRAM (HOP) by HOUSE Foundation is a unique curriculum that they were able to develop for over eight years. Their approach focuses on four pillars:

1. Academic Education

2. Values Education

3. Work Skills Training

4. Work Ethics Training

We are dedicated to contributing towards the betterment of the society. For every purchase of our Medgate Unlimited Plan, a percentage of proceeds will go to HOUSE Foundation to help fund many of its programs. With this, HOUSE foundation will be able to take in more young adults into their program and give them a brighter future. Here’s where all your money will go:

HOUSE foundation and Messy Bessy are also affiliated with one another. When you purchase a Messy Bessy product, all its proceeds go directly to HOUSE Foundation. They also welcome volunteers who would be interested in tutoring high school and college students in various subjects. You may contact HOUSE foundation through this number: (632)-844-5133.

A small effort comes a long way. Purchase a Medgate Unlimited Plan today to help the Filipino Youth by giving them a fighting chance at having a better future. Medgate is your HOUSE to accessible quality health care.