PCOS among Women

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or also known as PCOS is a disorder in the endocrine system that affects women during their reproductive years. This is when cysts, a small fluid-filled bags, develop in the ovary. It starts in the teen years of a female and can be mild or severe.

Women with PCOS may experience irregular menstrual cycle, increased sex hormone levels, excess hair growth, acne, and obesity. Apart from having cysts in the ovaries, symptoms of PCOS may include:

➔ Sleep apnea

➔ Infertility

➔ Oily skin, and dandruff

➔ Dark patches of skin

➔ Fatigue

➔ Pelvic pain

➔ Depression and anxiety

➔ Decreased libido

A diet that meets the nutritional needs of a person, maintains a healthy weight and promotes good insulin levels can help women with PCOS feel better. Since insulin levels plays an important role on PCOS management, a diet that meets the nutritional needs of a person, maintaining a healthy weight and promoting good insulin levels should be considered. Here are some foods you can take for your diet:

Whole Foods

Whole foods are free of artificial sugars, hormones and preservatives. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are foods that you can add to your diet.

Balancing Carbs and Protein

Carbohydrates and protein affect your energy levels as well as your hormone levels. Eating protein stimulates insulin in your body. Focus on having enough good protein such as fish, tofu, and chicken.

Increasing Iron Intake

Some women with PCOS have severe bleeding during their period. This can lead to iron deficiency or anemia. You may add iron-rich foods to your diet such as spinach, eggs and broccoli.

Increasing Magnesium Intake

Some foods that are rich in magnesium are almonds, cashews, spinach, and bananas.

Being Physically Active

Getting certain hours of exercise a week is enough to improve your insulin sensitivity in women with PCOS.

Lifestyle changes and a balanced diet can be key factors on reducing impact of PCOS. Before changing and following a different diet, consulting a doctor is a must. With Medgate, you may enjoy hassle-free consultations with Filipino specialist doctors. Call Doc today!