Advantages of a clean workstation

A safe and clean working environment increases efficiency and morale, so keeping on top of the office mess should be a priority.

When your workstation and desk is dirty and messy, it provides the perfect host for bacteria to flourish, it is essential to maintain a strict cleaning schedule to ensure you remain positive and safe at work.

Why do you need to clean your workstation?

1. You get more breathing space and storage.

2. It can reduce stress. Improving your desk hygiene can significantly reduce stress levels throughout the workplace. A cluttered desk can make focusing on projects difficult and distracting, raising your level of stress throughout the day.

3. You protect your health by cleaning and wiping down the desk surface. This will help you breathe safely.

4. Your productivity goes up immediately because now you can find things. You will become way more efficient.

5. Your work area is safer and protects you and others from unauthorized use of sensitive information.

6. You look professional. A clean desk from day one shows respect and portrays you as organized, efficient and in control.

7. The cumulative effect of many orderly work environments is happier people all around.

Have you been feeling cold recently? Eating lunch at your desk? An office desk can be a germ refuge. For the sake of your wellbeing, disinfect your desk and computer keyboard on a regular basis.