Pandemic, Epidemic, Outbreak

What is an Epidemic?

Bigger and spreading.

Epidemic refers to a sudden increase in the number of cases of a disease above what is normally expected.

What is an Outbreak?

Small, but unusual.

An outbreak occurs when there is a sudden rise in the number of cases of a disease. It carries the same definition as an epidemic but is often used to describe a more limited geographic event.

What is a Pandemic?

International and out of control.

A pandemic is an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents

What is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?

A pandemic is considered a global disease outbreak. It can cause social disruption, economic loss, and general hardship. It differs from an outbreak or epidemic because:

• It affects a wider geographical area, usually worldwide.

• It causes a higher number of deaths compared to an epidemic

• It infects a greater number of people

• It is often caused by a new virus or a strain of virus that has not circulated among people for a long time. The virus spreads quickly from person-to-person worldwide.

COVID-19 is declared a pandemic because of the speed at which it has spread globally.

The World Health Organization declares COVID-19 to be a controllable pandemic and continues to provide advice on precautionary ways to stop the spread of the virus.

Preparing for a pandemic:

• Make a list of important contacts for home, school, and work

• Prepare for disruption to the kinds of services that are most vulnerable in your community

• Ensure essential prescription drugs are on-hand

• Talk with family members and loved ones about how they would be cared for if they get sick.

• Buy and store supplies of food, water, medicine, and facemasks.

• Stay as healthy as you can by getting adequate rest, managing stress, eating right, and continuing to exercise.

If the World Health Organization declares a pandemic, what do you do? First, you should not panic. This can cause stress and anxiety to the people around you. Depending on the virus and fatality rate, many people who become infected may show few symptoms.

Staying ahead by making plans and being calm will help you to be ready for the next pandemic.