Stay at home

We have been reminded by our peers, friends and loved ones on how to keep ourselves healthy during this Pandemic. All of us deal with different problems every day. However, we can control some things that can keep us away from engaging to more problems during this pandemic and one of which is staying home as much as we can to prevent acquiring and spreading the virus.

Since the start of the Pandemic, there has been changes in the work of things however, the guidelines being set to us by the World Health Organization has not been changed not that COVID-19 cases in the country is still increasing.

In times like this, we MUST take care of ourselves. If there is no need to leave your homes, you should stay indoors. Let us take care of each other by:

1. Wearing face masks or face shields

2. Maintaining physical distancing

3. Staying at home when need be

4. Avoiding crowded places

These things are controllable on this situation. It does not end educating oneself but sharing information to other people is one way to flatten the curve.

Remember, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. It protects you and everyone around you.