The risk and impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Philippines

The world has undergone a prolonged period of confusion and chaos triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has already (and still counting) affected the lives of peoples in nearly 200 countries globally.

Because of our proximity to China, the Philippines is at a far greater risk than other countries of experiencing increased cases of novel coronavirus infection. Currently, the Philippines has the second most COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia as of Monday night, July 6, with a total of 46,333 infections.

What began as a health crisis has been transformed into a full-blown economic crisis that has affected the country. It has destroyed consumption activities and paralyzed the economy. To help our economy, the government decided to lift the lockdown in certain areas in the country. But since only companies that are involved in the supply chain of essential commodities are operational, the rest of the industries need to determine how they will respond to this unusual situation. The current business continuity plans might not be enough to resolve the rapidly evolving variables that COVID-19 introduces.

Let us help stop this pandemic by remaining vigilant and cautious at all times. Stay indoors when you do not have any important matter to attend to outside and when you do need to step outside, be prepared by wearing a face mask and maintaining social distancing.

If you need to have a medical consultation, you can prevent contact with possible carriers by consulting with Medgate’s specialist doctors. You do not need to go outside and be at-risk. Grab your phones and call doc!

To consult with specialist doctors from Medgate, you may call the following numbers:

Manila: 02 8705 0700

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