A health care innovation between Medgate and MedMonitor

Medgate Philippines and MedMonitor Health Plan Services announced a strategic partnership to further expand telemedicine’s presence here in the country.

In this time of pandemic, it heavily contributes to the peace of mind of employers and office administration in monitoring continuously employees since the MedMonitor Solution consists of a wearable device, a dashboard that serves as a central monitoring station and a mobile application. The device can be used to measure and monitor respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature. It can set predetermined alerts real time that will notify if a patient crosses a threshold.

“Partnering with MedMonitor ensures a complete customer journey to its members by providing accessible medical consultation.” said Ronaldo Estrella, Medgate’s Country Manager. “Together, this is one way we can provide millions of Filipinos the best health care they can ask for.”

The partnership between Medgate and MedMonitor will further expand Medgate’s telemedicine services in the country. With Covid-19 reshaping social and professional day-to-day lives, telemedicine has changed the way health care is being delivered. Telemedicine aims to help reduce staff exposure to ill persons, preserve personal protective equipment (PPE), and help de-clog patient surges on medical facilities.

MedMonitor Health Plan Services provides safety for everyone in the workplace and school setting through real time and continuous monitoring to check temperature and symptoms. Through data analytics and machine learning, predictive models are identified to deliver sustainable solutions during COVID 19 and beyond.

On the other hand, Medgate offers high quality, convenient and confidential medical consultations over the phone. This means, that members have direct access to a qualified doctor for their daily health care needs, without visiting a clinic or a hospital. The Medgate Telemedicine Center, and the Medgate Partner Network integrate their work closely to guarantee comprehensive health care for the patient without the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 strain. All the doctors are licensed and certified to provide telemedicine consultations of the highest standard.

This partnership will surely help the lessen the transmission and the impact of COVID-19 to our communities.

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