National Children’s month

As declared by the Council of Welfare for Children (CWC), National Children’s month starts annually every November. This month- long event aims to educate and spread awareness of children’s rights here in the Philippines, taking into account the political and social environment in which they live.

This year’s celebration will focus on upholding children’s rights during a pandemic like COVID-19, with the theme: Sama-samang itaguyod ang karapatan ng bawat bata sa panahon ng pandemya!

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 National Children’s Month aims to stimulate advocacy and public information on protecting children’s rights. Also, like every year – National Children’s month aims to celebrate and recognize children as the nation’s most precious assets and to highlight the importance of their position within the Filipino family and Philippine society.

As stated in the Presidential Decree No. 603 or also known as The Child and Youth Welfare Code, here are the 12 rights of Filipino children:

1. Every child has the right to be born well.

2. Every child has the right to a wholesome family life that will provide him with love, care and understanding, guidance and counselling, and moral and material security.

3. Every child has the right to be raised well and become a happy, useful and active member of society.

4. Every child has the right to basic needs.

5. Every child has the right to be brought up in an atmosphere of morality and rectitude for the enrichment and the strengthening of his character.

6. Every child has the right to education.

7. Every child has the right to play and enjoy their youth.

8. Every child has the right to be protected against exploitation, improper influences, hazards, and other conditions or circumstances that may affect his/her physical, mental, emotional, social and moral development.

9. Every child has the right to live in a community and a society that can offer him a safe and productive environment

10. Every child has the right to be cared for in the absence of their parent or guardian.

11. Every child has the right to good governance.

12. Every child has the right to grow up as a free individual.

Let’s strive to be great examples for children and be mindful of our actions. The molding of a child’s character begins at home, that’s why very family member should aim to make the home a safe and harmonious environment, as its atmosphere and circumstances will have a significant impact on the development of the child.