All you need to know about expired medication

What is expired medication?

Every medication has an expiration. They have expiry dates so you know when to use them by. Beyond the expiry date, medicines may not be safe or as effective.

Can you take expired medications?

Because of a change in chemical composition or a reduction in strength, expired medical products may be less effective or dangerous. Some expired drugs are at risk of bacterial development, and with lesser potency than expected, therefore the risk of not appropriately treating an illness.

How to dispose expired medication

First, read the medicine’s label and follow any specific disposal instructions that may be included. If there is none, follow these steps:

1. Mix: medicines with unpalatable substance such as dirt, cat litters, or used coffee grounds.

2. Place: place the mixture in a container such as a sealed plastic bag, with a little bit of water to make the medication unusable and throw it away.

3. Throw: throw the container in your household trash.

4. Scratch out: make sure to scratch out all the necessary information such as your name and address off the medication label, if there is any. This will help protect your privacy and personal information