Firecracker Injury Prevention

Firecrackers are small explosive devices mainly intended to create a huge volume of noise. However, other firecrackers can cause injury to humans, such as burns, poisoning, breathing issues, eye damage and serious hand injuries.

Every December is Firecracker Injury Prevention Month. During this month, the government and other private groups are organizing different anti-firecracker program to minimize damage caused by the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices during the holiday celebration. The safety of the public, particularly children, from fire-fighting accidents is a major concern.

As we welcome the new year, Filipinos light up firecrackers to welcome good luck and fortune with the upcoming year.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:


• Light firecrackers outdoors

• Light one firecracker at a time


• Do not hold a firecracker while lighting it.

• Do not pick-up failed firecrackers as they can still explode

• When lighting fireworks like a fountain, do not bend directly over the pyrotechnic.

• Do not throw firecrackers at passing people or vehicles.

• Do not let children hold firecrackers. Ingestion of firecrackers like watusi calls for prompt medical attention