Being your best self this 2021

As another year has ended, one full of unprecedented times, it is the perfect time to look back on what we have accomplished and what goals that excites us do we set this 2021.

2020 surprised us with its grand entrance of the Australia forest fire and we have experience a volcanic eruption in the country where the Taal Volcano woke up from 43 years of silence and started spilling gas, ash, and lava into the air. The eruption dumped a coating of exceptionally wet, thick ash on the local landscape. Aside from that, a global pandemic took over our lives, confining us almost all year round to our homes. It was in the middle of March that our government implemented quarantine measures to be enforced to varying degrees to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. New practices, new ways of life, new daily routines were being instilled by individuals. The way of life basically changed. If not for most countries, it went into recession with the forced suspension of usual personal, social and business operations. In line with this, millions of Filipinos lost their jobs.

Now that we entered a new year, it is time to take our learnings with us through 2021. Being the best YOU is taking care of yourself in every aspect. Whether it be physically, spiritually, and most especially, mentally. Always remember that your true “self” is your best “self”. To achieve this, you must maintain self-care practices like:

• Exercising

• Meditating

• Practicing yoga

Difficult moments may not be easy to comprehend at times, but there is always wisdom that comes from suffering or any challenge in life. This year is a stage of life that, due to the difficulties and problems it brought to the Philippines and the rest of the globe, many would want to forget. This is something, even in our wildest dreams, that we could not have expected. It has also taught us many valuable lessons in retrospect, such as being conscious, living in the moment, and never taking something for granted.