How to Prepare Your Kids for a Teleconsultation Session

With summer illnesses on the rise, stay cool at home and talk to a doctor for any health concerns your kids may have.

Summer in the Philippines lasts from March to May. For Pinoy families, this season usually means vacations and time spent outdoors having fun with family and friends. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to loom large over the world, more and more people are looking to spend their summers indoors.

With the warm season in full swing, a significant rise in cases of certain illnesses comes with it as well. According to the Department of Health (DOH), the summer months usually bring an increase in food and water-borne diseases such as food poisoning and sore eyes, mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria, cough and colds, and other conditions like sunburn and prickly heat. Fortunately, most of these ailments can be prevented through proper food preparation, the use of insect repellant, and the practice of good hygiene.

Although those illnesses are indeed preventable, we must be vigilant when it comes to safeguarding the health of those in our families, especially our children. With limitations on travel brought on by COVID-19, taking our kids to their regular checkups or to consult a doctor to manage an illness can prove risky for parents, children, and health professionals as well. To limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses, telemedicine is a way for kids to receive the specialized medical care they need within the safety of their own homes. At Medgate, they cater children that are at least 6 months old.

At the heart of our telemedicine services is our unwavering commitment to providing care that comforts despite the distance – for all kinds of people. To maximize the benefits your children can receive from a teleconsultation session, here are the ways you can help:

1. Talk to your child about the session

Children tend to feel better about doctor’s appointments when they know what to expect. Depending on a child’s age and ability to communicate, talking to your child about the appointment can help ease any fears or questions they may have about seeing a doctor.

2. Gather important information

Before your teleconsultation, know the timeline of your child’s symptom/s, its progression and any medications given. Other things to keep handy before your child’s scheduled appointment are a list of your children’s medical history including allergies, recent weight (taken within the past 2 weeks), any previous diagnoses, and a list of any medications your child may be taking.

3. Find an ideal location

This is one of the most important steps to having a successful teleconsultation session for your child. The perfect location is quiet, well-lit, and free from distractions. If your home has pets or other kids, consider situating them in another location in your home while the session is going on. In addition, stay in an area with good cellular reception as it will assure a smooth and clear consult.

4. Be with your child during the session

Like face-to-face consultations, a parent’s presence during a teleconsultation session helps medical professionals understand a child’s ailments better. For children, having the company of a parent can help put them at ease, especially when talking with a doctor. Should you not be available to attend the session, an authorized guardian may also accompany your child (so long as they have a valid ID to show) to keep them company.

5. Take note of any next steps

Before the end of your child’s teleconsultation session, make sure you understand the doctor’s diagnosis, instructions, and advice

When it comes to looking out for our children’s health, the possible risks involved in going outside should not prevent your children from seeking the medical care they need. For any concerns your kids might have, from consultations to medicine delivery, call a doctor at Medgate today.