Celebrate Mother’s Day in a healthy way

Mother’s Day is a time for handmade cards, celebratory breakfasts, and surprises that remind mom how much she is appreciated. One of the most powerful things you can do for this Mother’s Day is to focus on mom’s health, and women’s health in general

The following are the most common health problems that women face:

1. Heart disease

2. Stroke

3. Lower respiratory infection

4. Chronic kidney disease

5. Tuberculosis

6. Diabetes

7. Hypertensive heart disease

With this in mind, here’s how to schedule a Mother’s Day celebration that is both safe, healthy and enjoyable.

1. Make a nutritious meal for mom. Serve mom a nutritious and tasty meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or both of them!). Make half of her plate fruits and vegetables, one-quarter whole grains, and one-quarter nutritious proteins. To keep her hydrated, serve her a lovely fruit-infused water.

2. Help mom in de-stressing. Make her a home spa experience: With bath salts, a face mask or new body scrub, candles, soothing music, and a personalized manicure or pedicure kit. You can also help on different household chores so mom can relax.

3. Help mom with the family’s needs. Moms have a lot on their to-do lists, so a little extra support crossing a few items off hers would be greatly appreciated. For example, you can plan nutritious family meals for the week. This will help mom relax and enjoy her day.

4. Give the gift of health. Apart from these gifts, we can do something very special that does not only demonstrate our affection and care for mom, but will also be very beneficial for her. Everyone wishes their mother to be well and safe for the rest of her life, so why not take the necessary steps to ensure that she does? With the Medgate Unliconsultation Plan, your mom can get hassle-free consultations with specialist doctors from Medgate. Guided with international telemedicine standards and guideline, Medgate provides 24/7 medical consultation over the phone.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!