Boost your body’s immunity this summer!

Summer is a great time for families and friends to get together. For some, travelling to the beach and exploring outdoors has become the top choice since the quarantine restrictions have been lifted. Being able to go out of the house is good for one’s emotional, physical, and mental health, as well as the environment. This activity, however, is linked to bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses that we can pick up and get this summer.

Organisms in our bodies are resistant to our immune system. We are resistant to sickness because of our strong resistance and immune system. People with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to infections like fever, flu, and other more serious ailments.

Method for Stronger Immune System

Your immune system defends you from disease-causing pathogens. Experts strongly advise eating a well-balanced diet to achieve a healthy and powerful immune system. Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as Fatty Acids, are necessary minerals that support a healthy immune system. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains are all good sources.

Here are a few simple strategies to help improve your immune system and keep your body healthy this summer.

• Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

o Eating vegetables and fruits regularly will strengthen your defenses. The vitamins and minerals found in these foods serve as fuel to the cells that will protect the body against infection.

• Get enough sleep

o Sleep deprivation may decrease the production of the protective cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies, making an individual more prone to easily acquiring infections.

• Exercise with the whole family

o According to research, exercise causes a change in the antibodies and white blood cells (the body’s immune system cells). They circulate more rapidly enabling the body to detect any infection early on.

• Soak for a few minutes for extra Vitamin D

o Our bodies produce vitamin D when we soak in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes. Vitamin D deficiency makes people more susceptible to sickness.

• Drink a lot of water

o Water intake does not boost our immune system, however, it plays an important role in supporting our existing immune system function.

• Wash fruits and vegetables

o Always wash fruits and vegetables before eating them, and don’t eat anything that is beyond its expiration date.

• Wash your hands

o Frequently wash your hands to keep your hands clean from viruses and to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.In addition to the strategies, we can do to boost our immune system, eating the right food helps promote healthy immune function and reduce the disease risk. Here are some suggested food options:

• Yogurt

o Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, which are great resistance builders. Check to see if the yogurt you’re buying has live or active cultures (lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains).

• Walnuts

o Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for you. This aids in the prevention of disease.

• Fruits and Vegetables

o The vitamins and minerals in these foods provide energy to the cells that protect the body from infection.• Watermelono When ripe, watermelon releases many antioxidants. It boosts the immune system’s ability to combat infections in the body.

• Mushrooms

o They contain the mineral “selenium” as well as B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, which are beneficial in a variety of ways. The vitamins riboflavin and niacin are important for a healthy immune system.

Always remember the importance of adequate rest because it aids our body’s healing and repairing abilities. So, enjoy your summer, travel safely, and always remember to support your immune system. If you experience any sickness along the way, remember that Medgate is always here to give you the care you deserve!