Foods That Can Cause Hypertension

Heart disease and hypertension are major public health concerns around the world. According to the World Health Organization, the processed food sector is playing a significant role in increasing the number of hypertension patients as it increases, altering the salt content of foods all over the world.

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. This frequently results in problems that can result in heart disease, stroke, or death.

It is not easy to determine the cause of every attack of hypertension. Here are some of the risk factors that may predispose an individual to develop hypertension:

1. Family history of high blood pressure.

2. Age – The risk of developing hypertension increases on men at age 35 and age 45 on women.

3. Gender – According to research and studies, men are more often affected by hypertension

4. Bad habits – Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and drug use can raise blood pressure.

5. Size and weight – Being overweight or obese is a big factor for developing hypertension due to the excessive amount of unhealthy fats in the body.

On the other hand, people diagnosed with hypertensive often experience headaches, difficulty of breathing, and nosebleeds every time it attacks. The person may also experience intense sweating, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and redness of the cheeks.

For people who experience hypertension, it’s critical to include a good amount of potassium in their diet. Bananas, melons, oranges, and spinach are potassium-rich foods that may help reduce the effects of hypertension.

List of foods to limit:

1. Salty foods — Salt and sodium are the culprits of people with hypertension. Canned goods, instant food, fast food, and junk foods are some of the items high in salt.

2. Oily dishes — Foods heavy in saturated fats, such as chicken skin, full-fat dairy, red meat, and butter, can cause hypertension. As much as possible, stay away from fried food, especially the fatty and oily parts of the dish.

3. Foods high in sugar — An excessive use of sugar in cooking and in the food consumed is linked to being overweight or obese. Examples of these are artificial fruit juices, candies, and other products that turn into starch in the blood after being processed by the body. Candy and other artificial sweets include a lot of calories and sugar, which can cause blood pressure to increase. Just like candies, soft drinks are high in calories and sugar. One can of soft drinks contains about nine teaspoons of sugar or 39 grams. Instead of sodas, quench your thirst with water or natural fruit juices and shakes without added sugar.

4. Alcohol – Abusive consumption of alcohol raises blood pressure. It can also cause cancer and other complications in the organs of the body. Such drinks also counteract the effect of maintenance medications for hypertension.

5. Candy – Candy and other artificial sweets include a lot of calories and sugar, which can cause blood pressure to increase.

A proper diet is essential for maintaining good blood pressure, especially in patients who are still in the pre-hypertension stage. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables may help enhance blood flow.

Consult a specialist doctor from Medgate for prevention or if you’re experiencing symptoms from hypertension for early intervention.