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Having a family is one of the most important decisions you can make. It’s a bold but thrilling step forward in family life.

Pregnancy is difficult for a woman. She will experience many changes in her physical and emotional characteristics during pregnancy.

Here are the things how you can support a pregnant woman:

Educate yourself

One thing you can do to assist your partner with her pregnancy is to educate yourself about the journey that she will be experiencing with you. This will allow you to anticipate what might occur during each trimester of her pregnancy.

Be present

Support her by getting involved. Be with her in medical check-ups and help her decide on the prenatal tests to be performed. You may also go with her to any birthing or baby classes.

Provide Physical Support

The body of a woman is complicated during pregnancy. Significant hormonal and physical changes are happening in their body. As a result, your partner may require physical support such as:• Sharing housework so your pregnant partner can relax.

• If you smoke, avoid smoking near your pregnant partner. This will also help maintain the health of your baby. But ultimately, it is better if you stop smoking permanently.

• Relieve your partner’s body pain by massaging her legs and back.

• Give her folic acid vitamins to help your baby develop properly.

Show Emotional Support

In relation to the significant hormonal and physical changes that are happening in their body, this will also affect her emotions. You will notice that your partner will be sensitive and may be upset over small things.

As her stomach gets longer and bigger, your partner will have a tough time sleeping as well. Lack of sleep can cause irritability.

Here are some things you can do to give your partner emotional support during pregnancy:

• Reassure her on things that she needs support.

• Be proactive and ask what she needs.

• Encourage her to rest and take a nap to recharge.

• Give her enough time to talk when she wants to share something.

• Practice and show empathy to her.

Extend Medical Support

Moms may have different medical needs during their pregnancy. The most common for them is morning sickness or nausea when pregnant. It can occur anywhere from the fourth through the thirteenth week of pregnancy.

Nausea can strike a pregnant woman at any time of the day or night. Your partner will find it difficult to eat and rest due to the frequent sickness. Here are some suggestions to help your partner:

• Because a pregnant woman’s nausea can be heightened by the smell of prepared food, it is best if you prepare food yourself.

• Always remind your partner to consume water, fruit juice that has been diluted, sweet tea, syrup, or broth.

Pregnancy is no laughing matter; therefore, a woman will need all the help she can get from her friends and family. It is preferable if you do everything possible to assist your partner with her pregnancy.

If you have any concerns about your partner’s pregnancy, a Medgate doctor is just a call away to give you the care that comforts.

Stay healthy and happy!