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Keep yourself safe from unexpected danger by being prepared. That is why travel tips have always been appreciated by both seasoned and novice travelers. 

The holidays are upon us. The time of blasting Jose Mari Chan’s greatest hits at malls has come. It is the season for family and friends, but it’s also a time for yourself. People often squeeze in trips during this time to reflect, learn, and relax. Sometimes, unexpected things might happen and the only way to deal with them is to be ready.

Do Your Research

Before settling on a destination, read up about it first. Cultural practices in a local destination or a different country do not always apply to all of them. As tourists, it is your duty to learn the proper etiquette accepted in the destination you are visiting. This is especially important so as not to offend the locals.  

Apart from cultural and government rules, it is also highly recommended and required by others, to check what vaccination you need to take before your journey. Long before COVID-19, certain countries required visitors to have vaccinations for diseases such as Hepatitis, Influenza, and Yellow Fever.

Don’t Draw Attention

It is understandable to always want to look good. Trips are where a lot of people are probably seeing you for the first time. Some use this time to wear their flashiest outfits to fit the location. However, it simply leaves you with a lot of unwanted attention. Be discreet when looking for directions, on maps, and approach the right people if you need to ask for information.

Criminal elements may use this to target tourists, who have no one to turn to. So be practical, and dress like the locals.

Make Copies of Important Documents

During boarding, in the middle of a purchase, or checking in to your place of accommodation, you never know when you need to produce proof of your identity. Having copies of your identification on hand will always save you the hassle. Making digital copies across all password-protected devices would help too since this diminishes the chances of physical copies getting lost.  

Apart from documents, you may want to take a photo of your checked-in baggage in case it gets lost. 

Keep Your Friends and Family Updated

Keeping specific people updated on your whereabouts and activities will save them worry. Letting know your itinerary will also help you, especially in cases where you get lost or may not be contacted

Be Wary of Public Wi-fi

Public Wi-Fi is a hotbed of dangers. Ranging from access to your browsing history to access to your passwords and other sensitive information like credit card numbers. If unable to get access to a more secure Wi-Fi network, invest in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) subscription. 

Double Check Your Hotel

They say it is never bad to be too paranoid, but making sure your accommodation is safe is necessary. Booking accommodation accredited by the Department of Tourism or another country’s Tourism organization guarantees a level of quality for visitors. When a property is accredited, this means it passed standards for commercial use. For any incident that may occur on their premises such as theft, the local tourism organization may assist.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Do not let your guard down and be complacent with what you see on social media. Often, the prettiest places contain the most danger. Meeting new people is often a part of the traveling experience, but keeping yourself vigilant and aware of suspicious elements will save you more time than you can count.

Subscribe to the Medgate Unliconsultation Plan

Getting access to specialists 24/7 is a necessity. Getting guidance on which medication is needed for traveling, even just for a regular day, is always a major help. It is important to know that some medications may not be available in other countries. Being guided by a health professional will always be the safest and better move. The Medgate Unliconsultation Plan allows you to do this, for a one-time payment, lasting for a full year. Call via mobile or through the app, whichever you find easier.

It always pays to be informed.  

With these travel tips, we hope that we will be able to help you enjoy and stay safe during your travel this holiday season! Remember to take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints! 

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