Social Stigma Associated with Hepatitis

Hepatitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the liver, affects millions of individuals worldwide, causes of hepatitis may be due to viruses (e.g. Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E), autoimmune, alcohol induced or even drug induced. Despite advancements in medical understanding and treatment options, one of the most significant barriers to effectively combating hepatitis […]

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Oral Cancer Awareness: Causes, Presentation, and Prevention

Oral cancer, though often overlooked, is a serious health concern that affects thousands of individuals worldwide. This type of cancer can develop in any part of the mouth, including the lips, tongue, gums, and throat. It is essential to understand the causes, presentation, and prevention strategies associated with this disease to promote early detection and […]

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Maintaining Balance: A Guide to Electrolyte Imbalance Prevention

Electrolytes are essential minerals that play a vital role in various bodily functions, including nerve and muscle function, hydration, and maintaining the body’s acid-base balance. However, maintaining the proper balance of electrolytes is crucial for overall health and well-being. Electrolyte imbalances can occur for various reasons, such as excessive sweating, dehydration, certain medical conditions, or […]

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Recognition of Healthcare Professionals: Medgate’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement

In the realm of healthcare, where compassion intersects with expertise, the invaluable contributions of healthcare professionals cannot be overstated. These dedicated individuals form the backbone of patient care, working tirelessly to ensure the well-being and recovery of those they serve. Additionally, among these professionals stands Medgate, a beacon of excellence in healthcare delivery. Furthermore, through […]

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