Acid Reflux: The Burning Questions Answered

Have you ever had the feeling of a burning sensation in your chest? You may think something is wrong with your heart, but it might just be acid reflux. As was said in the previous posts, the holidays are here. That means drinks, food, more drinks, and of course, more food. More often than not, […]

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Gluten: The Truth Down To The Grain

These days, the world of dieting and eating healthy seems to have been taken over by the term “Gluten-free”. With the bad press that gluten has got, people have jumped on the bandwagon against gluten. But what is gluten? Is it really that bad? What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein commonly found in grains. […]

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Constipation: What’s to Know?

Do you discharge stool more than thrice a week? Do you easily pass stool? If you answered no to both questions, you may be experiencing constipation. Excretion is a process that starts in the colon. The colon’s main function is to absorb water from residual food as it passes through the digestive system. This process […]

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Filtering the Truth About Liver Disease

Have you ever heard that alcohol will give you liver disease?  With Oktoberfest and Halloween coming, alcohol consumption is sure to be a staple at every gathering. Alcohol plays a rather large part in human life, with every culture having its own specialty drink. Often called a social lubricant, it brings life to social events […]

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