Obesity Prevention Awareness Week

What is Obesity? Obesity is a chronic disease that affects kids, teenagers and adults. This occurs when an individual has excess weight or body fat that may affect his health. Usually, a doctor may suggest an individual has obesity if they have an elevated Body Mass Index (BMI). You can have an elevated BMI and […]

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PCOS among Women

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or also known as PCOS is a disorder in the endocrine system that affects women during their reproductive years. This is when cysts, a small fluid-filled bags, develop in the ovary. It starts in the teen years of a female and can be mild or severe. Women with PCOS may experience irregular […]

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Color Blindness in men

Color Blindness is more common in men. Color blindness occurs when a person cannot distinguish between certain colors. Majority of people with deficient color vision is hereditary and has been inherited from their mother. Men are much more likely to be color blind than women because the genes responsible for the most common, inherited color […]

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