Weight or wait?

Taking control of your wellbeing this 2022 by Dr Mary Grace L. Angel, M.D Taking control of our wellbeing, as we welcome the year 2022, may also mean taking control of our weight to stay physically fit, avoid illnesses and to boost our energy level. Physical inactivity is unavoidable in a pandemic, with most people […]

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5 Tips to end the year healthy

2021 is slowly coming to a close and what a year has it been. From increasing cases of COVID-19, to vaccination drives, and now hopefully to slowly easing lockdowns. The remaining days of the year are going to fly by between your work duties, back-to-school activities, and Christmas celebrations with friends and family. Some people […]

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Ideas for Nutritious and delicious Christmas meals!

Every Christmas season, buffet tables would always be stocked with delicious meat delicacies like lechon, ham, morcon, embutido, and roast chicken. Leche flan, fruit salad, ube halaya, kakanin, and the family’s favorite cakes would be served for dessert. Excessive consumption of such meals, even if delicious, is unhealthy for those with high blood pressure or […]

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5 healthy holiday gifts

We only have a few days till Christmas, so we need to be able to prepare and purchase Christmas gifts, as well as save a present for our children. If you’re on a budget, you can give a unique and special present this holiday season by giving healthy and inexpensive gifts. What are some good […]

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No Jingle Bells When Ear Swells

By Phidelle Andres, M.D Ear infections are common occurrences in all age groups. Of these illnesses, the two most commonly encountered in the clinics are Acute Otitis Externa (AOE) and Acute Otitis Media (AOM). Approximately 10% of people will develop otitis externa during their lifetime, and the majority of cases (95%) are acute. Most occur […]

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Transition from childhood to adulthood

Children spend the most of their time with their parents before starting preschool or grade school: learning from them, laughing, crying, and sharing everything in between. Parenting may go on many different directions. Some parenting techniques can make children’s transition from childhood to adulthood more difficult. If parents lack enough care and supervision for their […]

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