Regularly Irregular

by: Froilan Santos, M.D Women with normal ovulatory function menstruate regularly each month. Have irregular menstrual periods alerted you as a red flag? Have you been irregularly menstruating since the menarche (start of menstrual period)? It cannot be stressed importantly enough to have the regularity of menstrual cycles in your compass! A normal menstrual period […]

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Learn the facts about leprosy and dispel the myths about it

Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae) bacteria cause leprosy (Hansen’s Disease), which is a chronic infection. It can cause problems with the skin and nerves of the hands and feet, as well as the eyes and nasal lining. Leprosy can damage other organs, such as the kidneys and in some testicles in men, in some situations. Leprosy […]

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Be proud of your mouth

The theme for Oral Health Month for the next three years sends out a simple but powerful message: Be Proud of Your Mouth. In other words, value and take care of it. The importance of good oral health to our overall health cannot be overstated. The purpose of appropriate oral hygiene is to prevent gum […]

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Heart-to-heart health tips for your heart this 2022!

It’s always beneficial to have a heart-to-heart talk when you have a problem. But what if it’s your heart that’s the issue? Philippine Heart Month, established in 1973 by Proclamation No. 1096, is observed every February to raise awareness of heart disease as a critical problem among Filipinos. Heart disease is no laughing matter. From […]

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What is Childhood Cancer?

Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents. Cancer can affect any organ or tissue in a child’s body, including the blood and lymph node systems, the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system), kidneys, and other organs and tissues. The cancers that most commonly affect children differ from those that affect […]

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