Fitness is fun

Due to the pandemic, we have mostly been indoors for almost 3 months. Beginning in early March, people across the country started limiting their movements as the coronavirus spread. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can make it difficult to maintain a physically active lifestyle. A daily physical activity is necessary for all of us, regardless of […]

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Stay at home

We have been reminded by our peers, friends and loved ones on how to keep ourselves healthy during this Pandemic. All of us deal with different problems every day. However, we can control some things that can keep us away from engaging to more problems during this pandemic and one of which is staying home […]

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Dengue Awareness Month

Most of us take care of ourselves to prevent the coronavirus from occurring. But when doing so, we may have forgotten that some diseases still needs our attention. June is dengue awareness month. Dengue has been considered by Department of Health (DOH) as a year-round disease which incidents rises during rainy seasons. Dengue is transmitted […]

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How To Take Care of Your Skin

Most of us is getting used to the “new normal” and working from home. Typically, before we get into our business and go to work or school, we get up, take a shower, wash our faces, and then eat breakfast. But because of the pandemic, most of us might have changed and skipped some of […]

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