Hacking Your Happy Chemicals

Did you know that the body releases hormones called happy chemicals to make us feel good? Happiness is an abstract feeling. It can be the feeling of contentment, optimism, or hope. When one thinks of happiness, it is instinctive to think of it as just a mood or a state of being. However, it is […]

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New Year’s Resolutions For a New Me in 2023

Have you already decided on your new year’s resolutions?   Now that the year’s festivities are ending, it is time for the real work to begin.  Resolutions have always been a part of tradition in every culture. Millions of people make their own lists of things they want to change for themselves, for better or worse. Be […]

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Travel Tips: A Basic Refresher

Keep yourself safe from unexpected danger by being prepared. That is why travel tips have always been appreciated by both seasoned and novice travelers.  The holidays are upon us. The time of blasting Jose Mari Chan’s greatest hits at malls has come. It is the season for family and friends, but it’s also a time […]

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A Healthier Holiday Menu: Reworking Traditions

Include healthier ingredients in your holiday menu without compromising a great time.

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A Guide to Getting the Right Pair of Shoes

Getting the right pair of shoes can keep your feet healthy. Yes, the feet are not just a pair of muscles and bones. They require care and the right equipment so their function and overall condition will not be affected in the long run. What do you get for wearing the right pair of shoes? […]

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