Proper food preparation

The world is facing a pandemic called COVID-19. People are being told to stay at home to help reduce the transmission from person to another person. On the other hand, the enhanced community quarantine in the country has resulted in the closure of many establishments. For some people, working from home, teleworking, and online discussions […]

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Activities you may do with your children while WFH

The COVID-19 global pandemic has caused countries all over the globe to implement a total lockdown. Many countries have closed schools and universities, and large gatherings of people have been stopped. As the cases of COVID-19 in our country rises, it has forced many employees to shift to remote work or work-from-home. Clearly, most work-at-home […]

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The best foods for boosting your immune system

Our immune system defends us against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes, germs invade our body successfully and makes us sick. As the COVID-19 cases continue to rise, taking daily precautions such as hand washing, maintaining a social distance of at least 2 meters, exercise, and getting enough sleep is key on boosting your immune system and […]

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Protocols for entering your home

COVID-19 is spreading in different communities all across the globe. WHO and DOH urges everyone to stay home and practice social distancing. As a family, you can plan and make decisions now that will protect you and your family during a COVID-19 outbreak. When you need to go out for important items like shopping for […]

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Taking care of your mental health amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last January 2020, the World Health Organization declared an outbreak of a new coronavirus disease which originated in the province of Hubei, China. All over the globe, public health authorities are doing their best on containing the disease from spreading. Since the cases of COVID-19 are increasing rapidly in the country, our government decided to […]

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